New York Viola Society

The New York Viola Society's 1993-1994 Season of
Concerts, Recitals and other Viola Events

The New York Viola Society's Second Season:

September 26, 1993, 1:30 p.m.
Mannes College of Music

Joseph de Pasquale, Viola
Angelin Chang, Piano

Opening Remarks: Rosemary Glyde, President, New York Viola Society


Max Bruch - Romanze
Alan Schulman - Theme and Variations
George Rochberg - Sonata for Viola and Piano (1979)

Remarks - Carol Landon, President, NYVS Volunteers
Salutations - Charles Kaufman, Dean, The Mannes College of Music
Presentation of the 1993 NYVS Medallion Award for Distinguished Service to Mr. William Lincer
Remarks - Joseph Fuchs
Question & Answer Session - Joseph de Pasquale

January 10, 1994, 7:30 p.m.
Mannes College of Music

A Collegial Concert

Lillian Fuchs - Sonata Pastorale
Veronica Salas, Viola

Robert Schuman - Marchenbilder, Op. 113
Elizabeth Brown - Chronicle
Karen Dreyfus, Viola
Susan Walters, Piano

Leo Smit - Alone
Tina Pelikan

Maurice Durefle - Prelude, Recitatif et Variations for Viola, Flute and Piano
Stephanie Fricker, Viola
Sheryl Henze, Flute
Karen Beluso, Piano

David Avshalomov - Suite for Viola and Piano "Torn Curtain" (1991)(World Premiere)
Daniel Avshalomov, Viola
Pamela Pyle, Piano

Georges Enesco - Concertpiece
Rozanna Weinberger, Viola
Evelyn Luest, Piano

Hermann Reutter - Cinco Caprichos sobre Cervantes per solo Viola (1968)
Christine Imes, Viola

Paul Hindemith - Sonata Op. 25, No. 4
Stephen Werczynski, Viola
Meng-Chieh Liu, Piano

Rosemary Glyde - Suite for Four Violas, "Weiji" (World Premiere)
Hsin-Yun Huang, Christine Ims, Ann Roggen, Liuh-Wen Ting, Violas

Million Viola Playoff, led by Emanuel Vardi (all violists welcome).

February 21, 1994, 7:30 p.m.
Mannes College of Music

A Young People's Showcase

Featuring the two winners of
Major New York School Competitions:

Susan Dubois and David Wallace

Rebecca Clarke - Sonata
Susan Dubois, Viola
Sarah Watkins, Piano

Igor Stravinsky - Elegie
Dmitri Shostakovich - Sonata, Op. 147
David Wallace, Viola
Eduard Laurel, Piano

Viola Master Class - John Graham

Telemann - Concerto in G Major
Bridget Fitzgerald (student of Joan Harper)
Miki Infume, Piano

Zoltan Kodaly - Adagio
Alanna Wheatley (student of Karen Tuttle)
Vivian Chang, Piano

Hindemith - Sonata, Op. 25 No. 1
Breit Viertel
Sehr Frisch und Straff
Alexander Gurevich (student of Daniel Avshalomov)

Hindemith - Sonata, Op. 25, No. 1
Sehr Langsam
Rasendes Zeitmass
Jesse Greenbaum (student of Karen Ritscher)

March 27, 1994, 1:30 p.m.
Mannes College of Music

Jesse Levine, Viola
Morey Ritt, Piano

Karol Rathaus - Rapsodie Notturno
Elliott Carter - Elegy
George Rochberg - Sonata
Seymour Barab - Duo #3 for Viola and Piano
Shostakovich - Three Pieces

"Million Viola Playoff"

Emanuel Vardi, Conductor
With Members of The New York Viola Society
And Friends

Richard Lane - Recompense for Six Violas (In Memory of Rosemary Glyde)
Telemann - Concerto No. 1 in C Major
Stamitz - Duet for Two Violas
J.S. Bach - Violin Sonatas and Partitas (With Double Arranged for two Violas by Emanuel Vardi)
Richard Lane - Quartet for Four Violas


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