About the Rosemary Glyde Scholarships

The Scholarships are named in honor of Rosemary Glyde (1949-1994), founder and first President of the New York Viola Society. Rosemary Glyde was, among other things, a renowned performer, teacher and composer. Her viola teachers included Lillian Fuchs, and she received a Doctorate in Performance from the Juilliard School. Her performance credits included being violist of the Manhattan String Quartet as well as numerous other ensemble and solo performances. The Scholarships are an outgrowth of her expressed interest in exploring different ways to encourage young people to study the viola.

Donations to the Rosemary Glyde Scholarship Program

Thanks to so many of our members and friends for donating to the Scholarship Fund during 2005-2006. We feel that helping students understand the importance of music and music making is a worthy cause that should not be neglected. Accordingly, we hope that all of our members and friends can find it in their hearts to assist us in providing scholarships recognizing the hard work and achievements of talented young violists in our community. As the moving statements from our past recipients show, music makes a difference in young peoples’ lives. With your donations, whether large or small, you can help us offer more scholarships to more students. Please help us!

Send donations to the Rosemary Glyde Scholarship Fund to:
P.O. Box 61, Radio City Station
New York, New York 10101-0061